Savanna Hermitage

A solo retreat space inspired by meditation, qigong, yoga, and solitude in nature 

The Savanna Hermitage accepts applications for solo retreat guests and residents at $80 for 3 days/2 nights, $200 for 7 days/6 nights, $300 for 14 days/13 nights, and $400 for 30 days/29 nights. Practitioners of meditation, qigong, and yoga who seek to focus and deepen their practice in solitude are welcome to apply. Admission is selective, and priority is reserved for experienced practitioners and well qualified applicants. In addition to the host, the Hermitage welcomes up to two guests and residents at a time. Skilled and qualified individuals may inquire about scholarship and/or caretaker/work exchange. No outdoor pets, please (to protect the many wild rabbits, birds, etc).

The host is currently constructing a new building consisting of a meditation and yoga sanctuary, full bathroom, and a garage with solar panels to charge an electric car. Inquiries into part-time construction work in exchange for room and board are welcome. 

This retreat offers the unique opportunity for practitioners to have a solitary practice experience, while also benefiting from the support of one or two other practitioners onsite.

The zero carbon emissions guest cabin is equipped with solar electric, passive solar heating, natural cooling, a passive solar box water heater, and rainwater collection. Your carbon footprint while at the retreat will be well below 10 percent of the average U.S. citizen. Perfect for eco-conscious and simple living practitioners. 

Very Covid-19 Safe: Each room is entirely private, with separate outdoor entrance. Any optional shared practice and activities are entirely outdoors, and masks can be worn and vehicles well ventilated as necessary when sharing transportation. 

After reviewing the information regarding the Savanna Hermitage on this website, please fill out the application form if it appears to be a good fit for you. Inquiries may also be directed to 34Lrak55 at gmail.

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