The Savanna Hermitage currently has two small furnished private rooms for individual guests and residents, each with a separate outdoor entrance, comfortable twin bed with complete bedding, shelves, clothes rack, table, and floor space for solo meditation and yoga. Each room is equipped with a meditation zabuton mat, seiza bench, crescent zafu cushion, and yoga mat. 

The rooms are housed in a brand new zero carbon emissions eco cabin equipped with off-grid solar electric, passive solar heating, natural cooling, rainwater collection, and a passive solar box water heater. There is a shared kitchenette in the adjoining shed, and also a private outdoor bathing stall. A standard flush toilet with full septic system is now available for guests in the new sanctuary building nearby. In addition to staying in the guest cabin cabin, guests and residents will have the opportunity to learn about the construction and operation of a simple, inexpensive eco-cabin.

Facilities are clean and comfortable, and very basic. Bathing involves standing in a large basin tub and washing with a bucket of 2 to 3 gallons of hot solar-heated rainwater, a large cloth, and a container for washing hair.

In addition to the private outdoor bathing stall, guests also have the option to bathe in the privacy of their own room, especially in chilly or adverse weather. There is backup propane for heating water on cloudy days.

Each room also has a water container and basin for washing hands and face. All wastewater is collected and reused to irrigate trees (any normal types of soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc are fine). 

The guest cabin rooms and kitchenette are equipped with standard 110 volts AC of high quality pure sine wave electricity supplied by solar panels and deep cycle batteries that is very safe and adequate for your phone, tablet, laptop computer, and other electrical needs.

There is generally plenty of electricity, although conservation is necessary during very rare extended cloudy periods. Guests may want to consider leaving very high wattage appliances such as hair dryers at home (hair dries fast in the low humidity anyway).

Because the guest cabin is also a silent meditation space, guests are requested to use headphones or earbuds for music or other media, and to limit phone conversations. 

The guest rooms are private spaces for individual guests, and the rest of the facilities and grounds are public shared space for all guests and residents. Guests are expected to keep themselves, their room, and the guest kitchen reasonably clean throughout their stay, and to clean their room and guest kitchen upon departure and leave them in their original condition.