The Savanna Hermitage

The Savanna Hermitage, located near the Chiricahua mountains in southeastern Arizona, is a small, quiet retreat oriented toward facilitating lifestyles and practices of higher consciousness to maximize human potential, allowing residents and guests to evolve toward becoming the most empowered and enlightened human beings they can be. As monks, hermits, sages, yogis, and other spiritual seekers and masters have been doing for millenia, the very simple lifestyle and practices minimize focus upon the lower chakra, lower consciousness physical realms of sensual indulgences and desires. This allows instead for residents and guests to focus their time and energy more fully on the purely non-physical upper chakra, higher consciousness realms of non-attachment, equanimity, greater clarity, and pure higher awareness.

In the year 2008, Karl Skyhawk, owner and host of the Savanna Hermitage, built his first cabin at a different location, and lived and practiced in solitude there for 9 years. In 2017, he built his cabin and current residence at the 25 acre Hermitage land. In 2021, he decided to open the Hermitage to guests, and built a guest cabin with two separate small rooms that now serve as guest quarters. His small and very simple cabins are solo built, zero carbon emissions, passive solar heated, naturally cooled, and have solar electric and rainwater collection. A guest's entire carbon footprint while at the Hermitage is less than 10% of the average U.S. citizen, and the entire structure, practices, and lifestyle are fully immersed in and harmonious with the resident wild animals, plants, and ecosystem. The Savanna Hermitage offsets its entire minimal carbon footprint through the purchase of certified carbon offsets, and is 100% carbon neutral.

Karl has been a regular practitioner of various forms of meditation and yoga, as well as taoist internal alchemy qigong, for over 20 years. He has also practiced a healthy plant based, largely vegan diet throughout the last 30 years. Karl has considerable wilderness experience, and enjoys hiking, reading, solitude in nature, and occasional socializing with friends. He also operates a small business (very part time) where he helps others purchase inexpensive rural land in the region, and realize their dreams of owning and living on their own small parcel of Mother Earth.