The Savanna Hermitage welcomes practitioners of meditation, qigong, yoga, and other higher consciousness practices. Guests and residents are encouraged to generally perform their solo practice and spend their time in quiet solitude. Mature, experienced, self motivated, independent, and self sufficient individuals with established higher consciousness practices and lifestyles, and high levels of physical, mental, and emotional health and stability are encouraged to apply.

Support meetings are offered on a weekly or monthly basis where residents and guests are welcome to share how their practice is progressing, to identify areas for improvement, and to request comments and advice from others.

There is plenty of free time, and residents and guests are encouraged to utilize it to support their higher consciousness lifestyle through reading, walking, hiking, immersion in nature, contemplation, and deepening their meditation and higher consciousness practices. Guests are encouraged to practice digital minimalism, i.e. minimizing the amount of time online, and staring at a screen. Aside from phone service, there is no internet onsite, and more than very occasional use of videos, movies, television, and social media is discouraged. There is good cellular phone reception that can be utilized as a wifi hotspot, and there are broadband internet and books available at a nearby public library. The Hermitage also has a small collection of excellent books available for guests' use.

The Savanna Hermitage is a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment for women, LGBTQ individuals, and people of color. Discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation is prohibited, and all residents and guests must refrain from sexual/romantic advances toward others during their stay. The host treats guests with the utmost courtesy and respect, insures their personal safety, and maintains very clear and respectful boundaries. His general rule is that he doesn't physically touch guests, just nods or bows to them in greeting, and respects their personal space. In turn, expectations for guests and residents are that they they regard the host, each other, the guest accommodations, and the property with appreciation, courtesy, and respect.

Absolutely no alcohol, tobacco, cannabis/marijuana, or other drugs are allowed onsite.

Candles, incense, and any type of open flame or fire are prohibited in all buildings and throughout the Hermitage property. Strong scents and perfumes are also discouraged.