Guests and residents are requested to prepare their own food and meals throughout their stay at the Savanna Hermitage. Basic vegetarian food ingredients such as lentils, millet, pinto beans, brown rice, rolled oats, popcorn, walnuts, olive oil, seasonings, and some fresh produce are provided, and guests are welcome to bring and purchase locally their own food preferences. There is a small grocery 10 miles away with very limited options, and the nearest supermarket is 40 miles. The host often has some fresh home grown kale available, and there are plenty of containers provided of reverse osmosis filtered water filled at the water store.

The two guest rooms share a well equipped kitchenette in the adjacent shed. Cooking appliances include two Instant Pots (digital electric cookers), a two burner propane stove, a microwave oven, a hot air popcorn popper, and an electric kettle for boiling water for tea, oatmeal, etc. Except for the propane stove, all appliances are powered by 100% clean electricity from the solar panels and batteries. The kitchenette is also fully stocked with pots, pans, plates, bowls, utensils, hot pads, towels, napkins, etc. A water container with dishpans filled from the minimally treated rainwater tank is used for washing dishes. There is no refrigerator onsite, and fresh produce is kept naturally cool in coolers. Instructions and recipes are provided to guests for preparing a variety of easy, quick, and healthy meals and snacks with the Instant Pots and other appliances. Guests, residents, and the host are also welcome to occasionally or periodically share meals upon coordination and request (optional).