The Practice: Meditation, Qigong, and Yoga

Cultivating a meditative lifestyle of higher consciousness is the core foundational practice at the Savanna Hermitage. Many forms of meditation and higher consciousness practice are welcome, including zen, mindfulness, vipassana, transcendental, qigong, yoga, and others. Guests are encouraged to spend an average minimum of 2-3 hours a day practicing sitting, lying down, walking/hiking, and movement meditation, qigong, yoga, and other higher consciousness practice, and are solitary and self-directed. The host is also available to facilitate meditation, qigong, and yoga practice upon request, and guests are welcome to share their practices with others upon request as well (optional).

In addition to the solo practice space in each guest room, the Hermitage property also has an outdoor meditation/qigong/yoga circle for solo and group practice, and also contains over a mile (1.6 kilometers) of walking meditation nature trails for guest use and enjoyment anytime. Endless miles of amazing hiking trails throughout the nearby Chiricahua mountains feature stunning rock formations, evergreen forests, and magnificent waterfalls. The host has been hiking there regularly over the past 15 years, and is available to guide hikes upon request that engage the uniquely powerful earth energy by incorporating meditation and qigong.